1. build a new app or turn an existing application into a decentralized trustless app

  2. use any application layer or protocol you want - Blockstack, Ethereum, Hyperledger, etc

  3. use any language, SDK, API you want

  4. so really, there aren't many rules in terms of what you can build as long as it's a dApp

  5. if you come, you agree to the code of conduct

  6. teams >= 2 people

  7. present what you build


Further Details on Agenda will be announced soon.


  • 5 - doors open

  • 6 - kickoff

  • 7 - dinner


  • 9 - breakfast

  • 12 - lunch

  • 6 - dinner


  • 9 - breakfast

  • 12 - lunch

  • 3 - demo

  • 5 - prizes. end.




  • Scholarships to receive Blockchain Developer Certification through Kingland University

  • Additional prizes will be announced soon



Who can attend? Professional and amateur software developers, hardware enthusiasts, and embedded system developers are ideal candidates. Front-end developers, designers and marketing or business professionals are encouraged to partner with deeper technical experts when creating teams, but are also welcome.

Do I need to know Solidity, C ++, and how blockchains work to participate? Your team should have several skilled programmers, but they do not need to have any prior experience with Solidity, C++ or blockchain technology. Basic to advanced concepts will be covered in tech talks, and participants should follow the setup instructions for their chosen track.

How are teams formed? What if I don’t have a team? Team forming is flexible. You can bring a pre-formed team or start/join a team the day of the event. We will help you form a team.

How do I register and is there any cost? No cost to participate.

If I have questions, where do I go to get them answered? join the slack or email

IP? Yours. Keep what you bring. Keep what you build.


Judging criteria?

  1. Design - Is it easy to understand? Is it easy to use? Is it creative?

  2. Awesomeness - Wow factor. Did you build something no one thought was possible? Did you use techniques that are abnormal, often impractical, and weirdly elegant?

  3. Functionality - Does it work?

What hardware do I need? What should I bring? Your laptop, and probably at least one external monitor per group for peer programming.

Do I need to setup my development environment ahead of time? All setup starts at the kickoff of the dapphack event.

Is food provided? YES! Enjoy 48 hours of drinks, snacks and meals.

What do I do with my life now? Prepare, create a team, learn some more cool blockchain stuff before you come to hack.

atlanta, ga (jun 1-2, 2018)